Don’t Sleep I : Lil Pump & Smoke Purrp

Florida has had a nice run of late in the rap game with artists like Kodak Black and Denzel Curry who are bringing more contemporary styles and content of (t)rap to the forefront. Of course there are classic artists who come to mind when we think Florida: Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Plies, and T-Pain. But these guys have already peaked in their careers. Rap music is an ever evolving art form that grows with its audience, and as much as we may enjoy discussing the greats, they’re nonetheless in the past. With Soundcloud changing the way we consume music, millions of listens can get you a record deal in about a year… if you’re good. So it’s interesting to think the label “Soundcloud Rapper” carries any weight nowadays in discourse. Clearly it’s not something to joke around about.

If you don’t know by now, two of the most talked about artists to come out of Soundcloud are Smokepurpp (Lil Purpp, Lil Water), and Lil Pump. Both from Broward County, Florida, these guys are not only a collaborative act, but good friends (and we love to see that in hip hop). The energy from these kids alone will light up a function by the time it hits the chorus, and that’s just it, these guys are kids. Lil Pump had his sixteenth birthday this year, and Smokepurpp is about the same age. They dubbed high school, to say the least. But who needs it when you’ve got as much lean, guns, and bars (and bars) as these guys do. Especially when you can rap.

Smoke Purpp. He doesn’t need friends. Only a pole, and a benz. The 19 year old has actually been rapping for over a year now. His first single with (the nightmare that is) fellow Florida rapper XXXTentacion (X) currently has upwards of 700k listens. I mean the kid is living proof that if you dedicate yourself to this rap shit, and you’re a good rapper, you’ll get noticed. There’s just no reason not too. The music is shared too quickly, reaches too many people, way too often. You blow up in your hood, you blow up in your city, your state, on Soundcloud and all of a sudden you’re a nominee for a XXL Freshman. In LA I used to sleep with no bed. If you want it bad enough, people will recognize you as legit. Musically the kid is melodic, with songs like Glock Inside my Benz proving his vocals can keep up. But his rapping is his strength. His flows are clean, he’s articulate, he’s got great rhyming ability, the lyrical content is hard, and he’s musically versatile. If you’re into that sadboy, emo rapper shit, he’s your guy. A much better alternative to the overly emotional, abusive, wildman that is X. His music videos, specifically Ski Mask, are tough as well.

Let’s remember that Lil Pump is a parallel force to Purpp in the rap game right now. Having about a year’s less experience, Lil Pump has been noticed with his tracks Lil Pump, Elementary, and D Rose. He currently has multiple tracks on Soundcloud with a million plus listens, multiple music videos, and serious publicity from XXL and Pigeons and Planes. He’s a very solid rapper, with a great persona and character that makes him very likeable. His neck has cartoon flaming skulls to contrast his bright pink/blonde dreadlocks, and his mouth is draped in braces to remind you just how young the kid is at 16. Not to mention, a very large assault rifle to remind you that age ain’t nothing but a number nowadays. Mama told me Lil Pump won’t be shit. I told the bitch I could move dee bricks. He’s a good enough rapper for his comedy to be justified and remain humours. He literally quotes God, who tells him Lil Pump boy you know you a blessin ay. I’mma hitchu with that 30 teach you lessons ay. It’s genius, and the music video is too good to not watch at least twice. Just for the 16 bit pixel graphics of God and our prophet Lil Pump. Or you could Take a nigga bitch to the movie, cause this nigga is a fucking savage ass teenager from Broward County. Or take her to the fucking wingstop(?). It’s honestly up to you but the song TAKE is fucking hard. I mean niggas hatin on him cause he’s ignorant. My personal favorite bar: I just dropped out my senior yearrr, mostly because it’s a fuckin lie…nigga ain’t make it to his senior year.

Both of these young ass niggas deserve recognition, and I’m extremely excited to see how their careers go. I hope well, because they are onto something. And they represent Florida well (and someone please take the spotlight of this nigga X, I can’t say it enough. I mean even Kodak was locked up for an assault charge…Florida niggas are losing their minds right now).

Just don’t sleep on these niggas.


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