Been Said: Rich Forever is the next Rap Label to take Center Stage

For me, it started with Rich the Kid. I went to a concert of his about a year ago in the city (NY), free at VFiles. It was interesting walking through the door and seeing ILoveMakonnen in what I thought to be both an expensive and embarrassing outfit (plus considering the downfall of his career, there wasn’t much clout surrounding him). Of course the DJ just played Rich the Kid, Famous Dex, and Carti for about 45 min, justified because the crowed stayed hyped for about 50. Then Rich the Kid arrives, Goyard bag, blood red, and a couple chains as his complimentary accessories. And then he lit a Backwood, which was not necessarily allowed, so Roxie made him put it out (Rox Brown is like the boss at VFiles NY locations @rox_brown). Then he got lit. And it was hard; the crowd was not disappointed. The turn out didn’t compare to Lil Yachty’s concert a few weeks later, but that didn’t seem to matter. Rich the Kid is a dope rapper and a dope performer, I was impressed.

I had a falling out with Famous Dex after that controversial video dropped; it just left me on edge, it was intense publicity for the rapper. But he bounced back to become one of the most positive, exciting, entertainers in music right now. He’s an icon. A great sense of style. Humorous music videos (check out Lemonade, it’s a good laugh). Dexter exists as a character in rap today. You can hear his ad-libs echo through your subconscious.

Yuuuh whaaa

Jay Critch is an interesting case coming from a city head. People from New York City are the first to be skeptical of a young rapper from NY; everyone is a rapper. I mean, I’m writing this article and I think I’m a rapper. So I mean when you know the kid from hitting stains before you know him for his music, you’re skeptic. First it was In My Bag, and I remember niggas couldn’t stop singing that shit in class for the life of them. Everyone was in their bag. I don’t know if it started as some A Boogie shit or what, but niggas had better get in their Birkin around this time. And then Pull Up dropped, and you could’ve done your best to avoid the song by not using Soundcloud or going to any frees (read: parties, fees, functions). On to Take SumnFifa, Did it Again… he stayed hot. Next thing you know he’s on Instagram with a fat Rich Forever chain. You start to think.

Rich the Kid fuck around and got Famous Dex and Jay Critch to his left and right… those three niggas were being played at every party for a year and a summer at least. And if you haven’t listen to the tape Rich Forever Way, it’s free on Soundcloud, so do that.

I’m unsure who’s tape will be up next, either Critch or Dex, but both should not fail. Considering where Dex is right now with his fame I can see it approaching. And they should definitely be on this Carti tape, which I know will be everything it needs to be, and if they aren’t then he tweaked big time. In conclusion, Rich Forever is just the most marketable group/label in trap right now, as the youth can’t get enough of them. Plenty of music videos and good concerts to be seen in the near future. Keep your ears open the next few parties you attend, you’ll hear what I mean.

Rich Forever the label


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